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Lonavala-Khandala Points

Lions Point

Lions Point
Lion point is not home to any lions, but it is named that way because it is part of the Lonavala Lions Club. It is among the most well-known viewpoints in Lonavala and; also one of the top places to include in Lonavala tours.

Bhusi Dam

Bhusi Dam
The Bhushi Dam is a masonry dam on the Indrayani River in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India.In 2014, the Indian Railways announced plans to develop Bhushi Dam as a tourist resort with participation from the private sector.

Lonavala Lake
   At the outskirts of Lonavala, and sourced by Inrayani River, Lonavala Lake mesmerizes the visitors with simplistic beauty and serene nature around. The lake is popularly known as the monsoon lake, because it gets filled with water during monsoon and dries up during winter season.  


Narayani Dham
Shree Narayani Dham is a sprawling temple complex spread out over 4.5 acres of land. It houses a temple of Shree Durga Maa, Shree Siddhivinayak, and Shree Salasar Hanuman. There are several other facilities such as housing, food, banquet halls and medical & health related rooms.

Dukes Nose
Duke's Nose stands 12 km from Lonavla, clearly visible from the highway while driving towards Mumbai. This landmark in Khandala is visited by hikers.

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Rajmachi Point
Rajmachi Point is located on the way to Mumbai from Pune, just before the starting point of the ghat in Khandala. This spot got its name because Rajmachi Fort of the incredible Maratha ruler "Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj" is situated opposite this point. The point offers spectacular views of Rajmachi Fort, the surrounding valley, and waterfalls.

Ekvira Devi
Ekvira is a Hindu goddess, regarded to be a form of the goddess Renuka. She is the kuladevi of the Koli people. Every year Kolis pay respect to Ekvira and celebrate the festival in Karla Caves.


Karla Caves
The Karla Caves, Karli Caves, Karle Caves or Karla Cells, are a complex of ancient Buddhist Indian rock-cut caves at Karli near Lonavala, Maharashtra. It is just 10.9 Kilometers away from Lonavala. Other caves in the area are Bhaja Caves, Patan Buddhist Cave, Bedse Caves and Nasik Caves.

Lohagad Fort
Lohagad is one of the many hill forts of Maharashtra state in India. Situated close to the hill station Lonavala and 52 km northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level. The fort is connected to the neigh-boring Visapur fort by a small range.

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Bhaje Caves
Bhaja Caves are a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located in the city of Pune, India. The caves are 400 feet above the village of Bhaja, on an important ancient trade route running from the Arabian Sea eastward into the Deccan Plateau. 

Pawna Dam
Pawna dam is constructed on the Pawna river. The backwaters of this dam foms the Pawna lake which is also known for several adventure activities like camping, fishing, and water sports.

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